Monday, 21 June 2010

Poetry Chunter

Today's post is to share some of my poetry, haiku and senryu. Both forms are essentially the same i.e. 5 - 7 - 5 syllables but the content is what distinguish them - haiku are about nature and the seasons, senryu are about politics, satire or more *ahem* sensual themes.


Pace to pace to stare
at the window waiting - stop
her cold hands wrung raw


let the tears flow free
raw pain washed in hot salt tracks
release to grief shared


moonlit glint of steel
the warrior makes his mark
life silently leaves


niveous blanket
wraps green pine tree branch
scintillates starlight


finger traces chest
lips move to kiss sweet washboard
he loves to work out


whisper soft touches
truth or dare willing recruit
white cotton removed


deceit unravelled
torn fabric of lies hangs limp
smug - I told her so

(c) Lexx Clarke 2010


  1. I love poetry, though I often have a hard time reading it. (I get antsy; I don't know why.) But I love these!

    -- Phyl (kashicat on Twitter)

  2. Thank you Phyl, I'm glad you enjoyed them :o)