Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Blood and Stars - Episode 3 - The Delivery

The moon rose in the sky; illuminating the scene as I closed the trunk of my T-bird on Sherri's now decorated corpse. Almost twenty four hours since I'd accidentally killed her and then had to confess my transgression to Him. My unscheduled extra gift to Him was safe now, hidden from the world again, best thing for her really. I slid into the driver's seat, turned the key in the ignition and rumbled my way toward the main road. I kept my headlights off, no sense in alerting passing planes to my presence, the fewer people aware of my condo's existence the better. The rough road surface rumbled under my wheels, each pothole, bush and turn as familiar to me in darkness as in full sun.

Once on the main road, I turned left and switched on my lights. The soft yellow light played across the road, a roadside bush partially caught in the beam cast a finger like shadow ahead. I turned on the radio, the gentle sound of Peggy Lee's voiced burbled from the speakers. Stretching my right arm along the worn leather of the front bench seat, I settled back and coasted into the deepening dark.

I followed the route to the delivery location with ease, it felt like I had driven it a thousand times, it was probably more like a hundred and fifty but hey, nothing wrong with a little hyperbole between friends right? I had no exact idea where I was, road signs round here aren't what you might call plentiful and I only had turns, distances and landmarks as guides rather than town names. The final turn approached, I hauled the car off the road and into woodland. I parked under the large pine tree and quieted the engine. I drank in the cool night air, the accident was nearly dealt with and I would once more be able to return to fulfilling His desires.

I stepped out of the car, the carpet of pine needles pleasantly prickled the soles of my bare feet. I opened the lid of the trunk, I dragged Sherri's corpse easily over the stoop of the trunk and laid it on the pine needle carpet under the large pine tree for Him to collect when He was ready. I pulled out my phone and called His number.

She is waiting for you Sir.”

The gravel poured;

Good, go home, your floor has been cleaned and sanded, such a mess that girl made.”

My heart rose;

Thank you Sir, I..I...”


Well, that's the main problem solved, I loved that floor.

(c) Lexx Clarke 2010


  1. The intrigue continues apace! Your descriptions are so well done that I could close my eyes and see the very spot in the woods.

    Quite enjoyable and spooky. Want to keep on turning the page! :)

  2. Thanks Mari-girl, I'm blushing!

    Really glad that you are enjoying it!

  3. Fabulous. Love it. what next........? x

  4. "Well, that's the main problem solved, I loved that floor."

    That line is precious!

    Since you took a short time from epi. 2 to 3, my hopes are that soon the 4 will be up, yes, yes? :D