Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Blood and Stars - Episode 4 - The Message

Headlights off. The familiar rattle, rumble and shake of the dirt track to my condo soothed me almost to the point of sleep. Now that I had delivered Sherri to Him I hoped I would return to his good graces; although the repair of my floor suggested I already had. I stopped outside my condo and switched off the engine, I listened to the ticking for a few moments, loud against the dull roar of the ocean.

Tiredness was pulling at my eyelids but before I could sleep I had to know, He would have left me details of my next commission and I liked to sleep with the dossier under my pillow to help me formulate my design.

On the kitchen counter lay a manila folder, the thin crimson string around it tied in a neat bow. I snapped the string with the outer edge of my hand and spread out the contents on the counter; photos, phone and credit card bills, diary pages, the inner workings of someone's life. Man, this guy was dull! Seriously, this guy would have a sloth reaching for the 12 bore to end the pain! As ever He had a reason for referring this guy to me but I didn't know what the reason was, not that I really needed to know the why, just the who, where and when. Actually I'd just shoot this guy and have done with it then work on him later but He didn't like that method for any subject, Sherri had only confirmed this.

I made myself a chicken mayo sandwich while reading the guy's bio, so far so dull. I moved to the couch and carried on reading, referring to the photos when indicated. Oh here we go; he likes a bit of bondage, yeah alright! Nothing wrong with kinky sex of course, good to mix it up from time to time but it did give me a way in and he wouldn't know what trouble he was in until it was far, far too late. Now I'm strictly speaking a ladies' man but when the commission necessitate, or my overactive libido demands it, I'll flip to being a bi dude. I like to be pretty dom with a guy and this man seemed to be into that, although I'd need a lot of body waxing strips - yuck, maybe that stuff comes in rolls like duct tape...hmm duct tape would be much cheaper and boy would it make piggy squeal. I made a note to pack the omnidirectional microphones, would make the captured sound much more atmospheric, He'd like that. Normally I didn't need them but switching it up a gear would be fun and He'd appreciate the extra effort.

I yawned and stretched; sleep, I had time in hand before the deadline. I hadn't had an opportunity to wear my leather harness and chaps for a long time.


  1. Wow, this is getting juicy! heh

    Dear, might I point out a bit of repetition of "this guy" on the third paragraph specially?

    I see you're having a very productive vacation. Go, go! heh :)

  2. Hehe thanks Mari, and yes good spot, hadn't noticed that :o) Will watch for that in future as it get irritating to read :o)