Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blood and Stars - Episode 5 - The Tape

His muffled scream rang round the room as I ripped off the duct tape which had been covering his eyes, the sedation had worn of then...

I smiled and leant in close, his eyes were opened so wide they looked like pool balls, pupils darting side to side, blood already pricking forward where the skin had been torn off when the tape was removed.

Now piggy, you're a good squealer aren't you, hmm? Well piggy, He likes it when they squeal, He'll be real pleased with me for this cos you're gonna be a noisy sucker huh?”

Beads of sweat were forming along his hairline, saline streams dripping onto the table. I bought the table from a buddy of mine in the trade, it was the actual table Arthur Gary Bishop was strapped to and the trinity administered, what a thrill!

I ripped the tape from his mouth, his screams of pain filled the room, I closed my eyes and allowed the euphoria to wash over me, I never tired of the screaming.

Wha..what are you do-doing?!”

Bubbles of blood burst on his torn lips. I raised a finger to my own lips.

Shh, piggy mustn't speak, only squeal. Piggy thought he was going to have some nasty sex didn't he? Piggy was wrong, piggy is going to die.”

No, no, stop please, I'll give you money, whatever you want!”

I slapped him across the face with the back of my hand.

If piggy doesn't keep quiet, piggy's mouth will be taped up again.”

He made as if to speak again but, seemingly having thought the course of action through, remained silent. I waited to ensure the silence then began the task of removing the cocoon of duct tape from the piggy, such a hairy piggy, He would think that nasty. I was impressed with the efficiency of the duct tape as a hair removal system, neat strips of naked skin were revealed, ever growing screams the sound track to my work and ignited fire in my loins.

Time to slice, piggy had passed out, weak piggy. Blood removal before making him a work of art, another serious challenge, at least with Sherri there was no epic body hair removal and, even better, she was already dead.

I turned the hose on him, an icy jet blasted his freshly plucked pink body, piggy yowled, music to my ears.

Time for your cut and colour piggy.”


  1. Ouch...

    One question, your MC likes the screams, but he says that it was better that Sherri was already dead. Hmmm.